3 video platforms for your business videos

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, imagine how many a video can evoke… Videos are really simple ways to inform your clients of new products or to let them in on how your business runs from day to day. Outsiders will like getting to know you on a personal level, and they will find value in your videos when they learn something new and interesting.

Making the video isn’t hard. It doesn’t have to be perfectly edited. The rough edges are part of the charm. And most platforms will allow you to upload a video straight from your smartphone.

The following video platforms are best suited for millennial audiences and for people of any age that really keep up with the trendiest happenings. You will probably be surprised at which of your followers respond most favorably to your business videos. Continue reading

Best accounting software for your service business

Every business has accounting needs that will vary widely based on the type of business that you run and how large the business is. Software can be expensive or really cheap depending on the special features and tools it comes with. You definitely don’t want to buy accounting software that is not powerful enough to handle your day-to-day needs, but you also want to avoid paying for features that you will never use. Service businesses, like air conditioning and heating repair companies, can face some challenges with accounting.

In brief, let’s examine a few of the best accounting software packages for your business. Continue reading

Best ways to use Snap Chat for business

Social media platforms give your business so many ways to stay current in our constantly changing market. Using Snapchat can promote your business and give customers the feeling that they are insiders, in the know about everything that’s going on with your business – a very cool feeling that will have them lining up at your door. Snap chat can even be used for service businesses, like carpet cleaners.

Master the following tips in order to maximize your Snapchat interactions! Continue reading

Best social media platforms for your business

Social media isn’t going anywhere, so as a business owner, you need to learn how to use these platforms to your advantage. Consider the advantages of using social media to promote your business:

  • It’s fast. You can have a message out to your clients within seconds of coming up with an idea.
  • It’s personal. Businesses can tailor their advertising to specific demographic groups.
  • It’s free. A positive presence on social media is the best free advertising you’ll ever find.
  • It’s interactive. You can find out what customers think about products or services in real time.
  • It’s everywhere! Having social media accounts can redirect all those followers right back to your business’s website. More hits equals more revenue!

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