3 video platforms for your business videos

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, imagine how many a video can evoke… Videos are really simple ways to inform your clients of new products or to let them in on how your business runs from day to day. Outsiders will like getting to know you on a personal level, and they will find value in your videos when they learn something new and interesting.

Making the video isn’t hard. It doesn’t have to be perfectly edited. The rough edges are part of the charm. And most platforms will allow you to upload a video straight from your smartphone.

The following video platforms are best suited for millennial audiences and for people of any age that really keep up with the trendiest happenings. You will probably be surprised at which of your followers respond most favorably to your business videos.

Here are 3 of our favorite video platforms for businesses:

  1. Vimeo

Vimeo isn’t one that comes to mind immediately for most people. Therefore, to use Vimeo for your business videos, you’re probably going to have to direct web traffic to the site from your website, business card or flyers. It really doesn’t matter how potential customers hear about your business videos, as long as they tune in.

Vimeo is more artistic than most other video platforms, so if your business has a creative element, this platform may be the best one for you. Big brands tend to stay away from Vimeo. This gives it a cool underground feel. However, with over 130 million Vimeo viewers, your business will definitely find an audience!

  1. YouTube

The first ‘social video’ platform, YouTube is currently the largest video-sharing site in the world. YouTube offers businesses, organizations and individuals the opportunity to create a channel so that all their videos are collected in one place. This is optimal if you want to develop a following for your business – which, of course, you do!

YouTube recommends keeping your videos short. Just under 3 minutes is the perfect length, they say. That’s just the right length for demonstrating a new product or unveiling a service you plan to offer in the near future.

YouTube is free, so even a business with virtually no advertising budget can use it. You can either embed YouTube videos on your business website, or you can provide links to YouTube where viewers can find all of your material.

  1. Facebook Videos

You can’t ignore the massive audience that’s readily available via Facebook. The video feature that this social media giant added recently proves to be yet another opportunity to meet your clients half way, without spending a dime in advertising!

Most Facebook Videos are viewed on mobile devices, so it’s important that you keep those videos short – about 45 seconds on average – and don’t film anything that’s too tedious to be viewed on a mobile phone or a tablet. Also, know that videos that are watched completely are more likely to work their way into other people’s feeds, so save a juicy detail for the big finish!