Best ways to use Snap Chat for business

Social media platforms give your business so many ways to stay current in our constantly changing market. Using Snapchat can promote your business and give customers the feeling that they are insiders, in the know about everything that’s going on with your business – a very cool feeling that will have them lining up at your door. Snap chat can even be used for service businesses, like carpet cleaners.

Master the following tips in order to maximize your Snapchat interactions!

  1. Give your customers a behind-the-scenes peek or real-time updates. Everyone loves to feel like they know something before everyone else. Give your followers the opportunity to see what goes on when your doors are closed to the public, or give them access to the exciting hours and minutes leading up to a special event such as a drawing.
  1. Let someone else take over your account. This tip sounds counter intuitive, but it’s actually genius! If you have a follower who is extremely popular, trendy or considered an expert in the field, consider letting them do your Snapchats. You will get the benefit of being seen by all of their followers, some of which may never have connected directly with your business.
  1. Offer promotions and discounts, or promote upcoming events. Giveaways and other events can be an exciting way to draw attention to your business. Increase business by offering discounts to those who Snapchat themselves at your business, or throw out a limited-time deal.
  1. Demo a product or service, or Snapchat satisfied customers. If your product demonstration doesn’t require a lengthy video and explanation, you could post a quick Snapchat to show how it works or how easy it makes a certain task. The same thing goes for services… Post before and after shots to show how great your services are. You can also post cheesy pics of customers giving thumbs up or holding up their new purchases to show how happy they are and convince others to patronize your business, too.
  1. Partner with another business with the same target audience. Snapchatting back and forth with another company is a neat way to generate attention for both of you. You can mention one another in posts and give love for new products, services, or special events – even if your followers are not…yet. This type of advertising is a sort of inferred popularity that will be equal work for you and your partner business, but it will generate positive influence for both of you as well.

Be authentic. Just as you would with a personal account, share your everyday experiences with your followers. They will appreciate your honesty and be more willing to do business with you. Some of your Snapchats may be silly and fun, while others may be direct advertising. But don’t be afraid to be serious from time to time, either. If a topic that is related to your business comes up and it’s worth addressing, go for it! You may start a meaningful conversation, and at the very least, you’ll bring attention to an important topic.